Nerts is a card game in the vein of Spoons, though without quite as much physical danger. It does require plenty of space, and one deck of cards per player. Also, all of these decks have to look different. This game can be played with two to an infinite number of players, but is best with about six people, gets boring under four, and is ridiculous above eight.

To begin with, each player deals out thirteen cards in a pile to the side, face down, and four cards in front, face up. The thirteen cards are called "nerts" and it is your goal to get rid of all of them.

When play starts, everyone turns over the top nert, and from there, can turn over three cards at a time from the extras, and play them. You can only play the top card, so when you turn three over, only one is playable unless you play the top card. You can turn over three cards whenever you want, and when you run out, turn the deck over and start again.

The play goes like Canfield.You play red cards on black cards of one value higher than the red card, and vice versa. However, the twist is that when an Ace is played out in the center, once again as in solitaire everyone can play on it. So, if you play an Ace of hearts, the player to the left can play the Two of hearts on it. As previously stated, your goal is to get rid of all your nerts. Everyone plays at once, and chaos ensues.

When someone does, then they call "nerts!", and play immediately stops. (Show no mercy on players who try to play after the call, it's their fault for going too slow.) After that, the cards out in the center where aces are played are redistributed to their various owners, and counted. You get one point for every card you played in the center. You lose one point for every nert remaining in your pile. Play to whatever point value you like.

P.S.: Some of my friends complain when you play one card with one hand and play another right on top of it with the other hand. However, I say they're your cards, and you can play them how you please.

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