This may well be the world's worst instant coffee. This silt is so awful that even the tasteless admirers of International Roast think it's disgusting. My personal theory is that they don't harvest the coffee beans to produce it - they simply harvest the whole plant. Maybe even after the beans have been picked. It seems to be mostly coffee plant stems, leaves, and roots. The other 50% being the dust and rodent poo it's grown in. You'd have to be desperate.

Pablo is a card game for five people, which makes it fairly unique. This is a fun game that is fairly easy to pick up. My seven-year-old sister was able to play it, albeit not very well, so anyone familiar with cards should be able to pick it up.

The dealer (pick the dealer however you like) deals out all the cards, which means two people have eleven, and three people have ten. Whoever has the three of clubs gets the lead. He must play the three of clubs, and he may also play any other three's he has in his hand. Play proceeds to the left. The next player must play something higher than the three, a four, a five, etc. (Aces are high.) You cannot play another three on a three. Also, if a pair, triple, or quad is played, all plays on that trick must be pairs, triples, or quads, on a pair, triples or quads on a quad, and only other quads on a quad. (I'm not going to keep seeing "pairs, triples, and quads", so understand that when I say pairs, this includes triples and quads.) Play continues to the left until someone plays something that everyone passes on. You always have the option of passing. The player who played the card that everyone passed gets the lead.

For example, Player A plays his three of clubs. Player B may play his single five, or he may play his pair of fours. If he plays the pair of fours, Player C must play his pair of sixes, or pass. The goal is to get rid of all your cards. When someone plays their last cards, they are still the cards on top, and can be played on. If everyone passes on these cards, then the lead goes to the player who last passed, or the player to the right.

There is an exception to the rules about pairs. Twos are high. Any single two played, even on a pair, will automatically take the trick, and give the player with the two the lead. Therefore, twos are very valuable.

Each hand, the player who first went out is the King, the second player the Queen, the third Commoner, the fourth Peasant, and the last Pablo. When the second hand, and every hand after the first is dealt, the King becomes dealer, and gets to take the Pablo's hand and take two cards of his choice from it, and give two of his cards of his choice to the Pablo. The Queen also takes one card from the Peasant, and returns one. The Commoner's hand remains as it is dealt. Also, the King gets the lead.

There is no score or way to determine a final winner, as the positions will shift around. This is just a game that will take up time, and is good fun for five people.

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