Well, for a start, Neil Tennant is the lead voice of the Pet Shop Boys, a dance pop groups created together with Chris Lowe in 1982.

He was born in Brunton Park (England) on 1954, and that means he is 49 years old.

What else ? Well, he is gay. Not outrageously gay, but gay enough. You can notice that in the way he sings and writes lyrics, always impregnated by ironic humour, british wit, and a mild maniac-depressive mood. It took almost a decade before Neil decided to walk out of the closet.

Curiously, he used to work as a journalist for the Smash Hits magazine until 1981, when he met Lowe. Before that he studied history at the North London Polytechnic. And that notices, since he uses to speak often about round head generals in his songs, and he will quote Oscar Wilde very frequently.

People always ask if Neil and Chris are/were a couple, and the polite answer he always gives is "No". Besides, why would we care ? Neil is an amazing musician, and keeping feelings out of business is a very good idea. Ask Eurythmics if you don't believe me.

One of the latest (and one of my favorites) songs by Tennant and Lowe is I'm in Love with a Married Man. You should really listen to it. It will make you sad but also it will make you dance... Like most of their songs.

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