Chris Lowe is "the other" Pet Shop boy. He's always in the back, off-focus, silent, wearing dark glasses, hats and huge coats. He doesn't speak too much, he sings in some three or four PSB songs (Paninaro, Music for Boys, and some others I cannot recall).

He was born in 1959 (October 4th) in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK. So that means he is 43 years old by now.

He likes soccer football, motorbikes (the song KDX 125 was inspired by his Kawasaki kdx 125 bike), and disco music, and he is responsible for programming every electronic beat that we hear in every Pet Shop Boys song. As a freak note we can state that he plays piano and trombone, and he performed in two non-professional bands in his youth, One Under The Eight and Stallion.

Fullfilling George Costanza's dream, he studied to be an architect, but he dropped it when he met Neil Tennant. I'm glad he did, because if he hadn't we wouldn't have the Pet Shop Boys and perhaps Neil would have worked alone, becoming some kind of freakish reincarnation of Liberace.

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