Some say that World War II will never truly end. They may be more right than they thought!

On March 24, 2006, the media quietly reported that a mid-size Kentucky factory had indirectly become the property of the National Socialist Party, also known as the Nazi political party. The cause of the takeover is even more frightening than the fact that a heavy mechanics component manufacturing plant is in Nazi hands, 60 years after the defeat of Adolph Hitler.

In legal terms, the owner of the factory is the New Aryan Federation, Argentina chapter, since most laws prohibit Nazi factions from owning anything; indeed, many countries prohibit the formation of organizations openly symphathizing with the National Socialist Party. The New Aryan Federation is in text a "Cultural research foundation, established to examine the eugenical migration of indo-european peoples and culture", in short an organization tracking the spread of Hitlers "Superior Race". As such, it is a legal institution.

The NAF has a membership list containing several persons suspected of participating in war-time attrocities during the late years of WWII. Though these persons are, logically, of high age (between 89 and 101 years old), the NAF has succesfully extended its ranks to thousands of argentinians, as well as people in other countries under their respective national chapters. Among these are several lawyers and historians, who play a vital part in the seizure of the Kentucky factory.

In the 30's, before the war but during Hitler's rise to fame, several legally independent organizations with strong ties to Nazi ideology and the National Socialist Party existed. By comparison, any of these had ownership of far fewer economic resources than the Party itself, but in total, their possessions roughly matched those of the Party. More importantly, they were not deemed responsible for the acts of Nazism during the war!. Like several corporate entities, they were entirely unaffected by the Nuremberg Trials and any post-war seizures of Nazi loot.

The NAF lawyers have now asserted, that many facilities, bank accounts and the like belong to people who avoided prosecution after World War II. From the signs of it, the NAF has become the legal champion of these people, and has initiated a string of repossessions of what once belonged to these Nazi sympathizers or their legal heirs, many of whom were entirely unaware of their legal belongings. The Kentucky manufacturing plant was financed through investors handling monetary funds of this kind. Therefore, by historical default, the factory is owned by NAF members, who in return for the legal assistance needed to reacquire the facility have signed over a significant portion of the ownership to the NAF.

Considering the amont of wealth unaccounted for by the end of World War II, and judging by the information available about the ranks of the New Aryan Federation, the legal possessions of the NAF count into billions of dollars, and may affect well-known companies like Mercedes, Volkswagen, Grundig and DHL. Many in the legal community fear that strings of repossessions like that of the factory have been succesfully argued without public attention or any media coverage. The German government has issued several statements to its branches and local offices around the country, and it is suspected that german ambassadors around the world are equally briefed. But, according to one senior official, "We are unable to deny (the NAF) access to these possessions, since they are, in fact, legally theirs". A German judge simply commented that "for better or worse, the Law does not consider a plaintiff's ideology", signalling that there are no legal defenses against a repossession claim by NAF members based on political allegiance.

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The above is a deliberate story and a RumourQuest 2006 contribution

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