François Charles Joseph Bonaparte - The Eaglet

When Marie Louise bore Napoleon a boy child in 1811, the emperor was joyous. A legitimate heir at last! He at once gave his son the title King of Rome. In 1814, when Napoleon I was overthrown for the first time, and also in 1815 when he abdicated after the battle of Waterloo, he tried without success to place his son on the throne. Louis XVIII became king, and the only people who acknowledged the little boy's rule were the Bonapartists.

Marie Louise had taken him back to Austria and her father's court in 1814, and there he remained for the rest of his life, which was not to be long. He was given the title Duke of Reichstadt in 1818 and grew up to be tall, slender and sickly. In 1832 he died of tuberculosis and was buried in the Habsburgs' family tomb. Adolf Hitler moved his remains to the Hotel des Invalides in Paris in 1940, so that the never-emperor could rest closer to his father.

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