Had everything gone smoothly, she would now be 'Ferris Ayumi'. These were the names her father and I chose for her, her middle name being his choice, and her first name, supposedly, mine. Of course, throughout our deliberations, vetoes were allowed to a certain point: he had first suggested 'Lisa', since it is a viable name in both Japanese and English. However, as I had not (and still have not, most likely due to my own bad luck) encountered a Lisa that didn't make me cringe, 'Lisa' was removed from the running. I, on the other hand, had suggested Meghan, but, since, when pronounced by a Japanese speaker, it sounds like 'cancer of the eyes', this name, too, was removed from the list. I do not exactly remember when the name 'Ferris' occurred to me, but when it did, it stuck in my mind with a vengance. He, however, was not overly thrilled with it; nor was I with his final choice, 'Ayumi', but we had both tired of the game by then and concessions were made.

It makes me wonder, had our marriage been anything close to a 'normal' one, if he still would have entered 'Alexandra Ayumi' on her birth certificate while I was sedated after the c-section... She has no idea that I ended up having no part in naming her, nor any clue about what her name was to have been. I figure I will keep this bit of bitterness to myself until I become 'grown up' enough to finally let it die.

She has been, over the years, called by many nicknames:
as well as by variations on both of her names. I started out by calling her, exclusively, Ayumi. I have come to realize, however, that she will, as we all do in the long run, name herself. I call her whatever she wants to be called, and, capricious 7-year-old that she is, it changes regularly.

After coming back from her father's this last weekend, and having watched movies at her friend's house, she requested that we start calling her 'Ferris'. Hurrah for the rule of three, and, "Thank you, Matthew Broderick."

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