"The Naked Mile was begun in 1986 by 12 individuals, all housemates, and their friends, including members of both the U-M rowing team and the men’s varsity track team. The group streaked down South University to celebrate the last day of winter term classes. The Naked Mile grew steadily throughout the late ’80s and early ’90s, becoming a campus tradition in which the men and women of UMRT had a visible presence."(The University Record, April 10, 2000, Men’s crew, lacrosse team opt out of Naked Mile,By Jane Elgass)

Through the 90's the crowds (to see, not run) grew to an unmanagable size, with many people video-taping (and subsequently selling the tapes), and severe problems with grabbing/fondling, etc the runners (by both other runners and bystanders)

The groups who originally started it recently renounced it, as have many other groups/frats/sororities, etc. This last year's naked mile (2000) had a very low turnout (and many got 'cold feet' when they saw the running crowd was so small), and the 2001 naked mile was almost nonexistant.

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