One should take the warning to do a small patch test on the skin before using a depilatory product like Nair seriously. Being tired of bikini waxes I decided to try the Nair route. YOUCH! Never again for me; it took off skin as well as hair. Now I’m being treated with hydrocortisone lotion to take down the inflammation and still have stubble because I couldn’t leave it on long enough to really work well. Another direction I didn’t follow and maybe should have was to use Nair right after a warm bath so the pores would be open.

Nair comes in lotion form (for large areas like legs) and a thicker cream (for face where more precision is needed).

The Nair website offers free samples. I’d recommend getting a sample for a patch test before buying. Also read and follow all directions. See The instructions on the web page are clearer than those in the package …. Or maybe that is just hindsight on my part.

Nairs are one of the earliest settlers of Kerala one of the southern States of India. The name Nair derives from the Samscrithm word Nayaka , which means Leader. They practice Hinduism like the most of Indians.

They were fierce fighters and exponents of the martial art of Kalarippayattu. They are also famous as Chavers (Brave men who became suicide fighters to defend the honor of their country) not unlike the Samurai of Japan.


Nairs were set apart from the rest of Keralites in many ways. Their Customs where markedly different from others. They practiced marumakkathayam or matrilineal system of inheritance where the eldest female of joint family was the head. The joint families were called Tharavadu which consisted of most of the members of a Thavazhi i.e. a line of inheritance through the mothers side traceable to a single female.

The Marriage system of Nairs are called sambandhom which is a simple process of tying a thali around the neck of female and giving her a type of cloth called mundu.

The Nair homes were made according to VasthuShastra (ancient Indian architectural science). Their homes Tharavadu usually had Sarpa kaavu (Tiny temples for serpents with adjoining Forests ) attached. These serpents are worshipped bye people and believed to have mystical powers The Nair also worshipped Paradaivam, which is an entity usually composed of a deity of Hinduism and the souls of previous people of the same Tharavadu.

Nairs are now one of the dominant communities in Kerala along with Ehavas, Christians, and Muslims.

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