One of the best divisions in the league for many years (arguably the best in the early 1990s), the NFC East has been hurting in recent seasons, with all the teams so mediocre that they all had opportunities to vie for the division title. This year marks the return of some semblance of order to the division, with Philadelphia and New York emerging as the dominant teams.

Home to some great, long-standing, divisional rivalries, such as "Dallas Cowboys vs. Everyone Else in the NFC East".

Starting the 2002/2003 season with the addition of the Houston Texans, the NFL decided to realign its divisions. The new NFC East now looks like the following:

This division is probably the toughest division to win in the NFC. The Dallas Cowboys, who won numerous Super Bowls in the 90s, are now a mediocre team. But they are mending their ways and should be a decent team in several years. The New York Giants went to the Super Bowl two years ago, but they unfortunately lost to the Baltimore Ravens. The Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins are all good teams and all have an open chance to win the division. The Redskins are now being coached by former University of Florida coach Steve Spurrier. The Philadelphia Eagles are a great young team led by quarterback Donavan McNabb. The Arizona Cardinals were in this division and they are now in the AFC West.

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