The National ASsociation of CRAzed Gamers is a group of like-minded individuals who run wacky role playing adventures through the RPGA at gaming conventions, most famously at GenCon. The adventures are based on some semblance of AD&D/3e. GenCon 2001 marked NASCRAG's 22nd year, where their tournament ran 372 players through the first round. At the end of round three, my team, Tuskernana, placed fifth.

The story of NASCRAG's primal origins hark back to GenCon 1979 when a group of geeky role players couldn't get into the D&D Open tournament because there were no open slots. Determined to make the most of a lousy situation, the gaggle of gamers threw together an impromptu adventure. Unlike most events at the con, their game didn't take itself too seriously. By adventure's end, the gamers decided they'd had so much fun, they would do it again next year. Things pretty much took off from there.

NASCRAG's mascot is Toby the Kobold, a smiling little kobold who manages to make a cameo in every NASCRAG tournament after first appering in the Zef series.

NASCRAG events can be easily identified on the gaming floor due to the large amount of yelling, laughing, and general slightly disruptive merriment. Because of their energetic players, NASCRAG has developed sort of a "hate-hate" relationship with the RPGA, who make sure that NASCRAG get barked at for disturbing other people's games. NASCRAG, meanwhile, feels that complaints generally come from people who need to take themselves a little less seriously.

NASCRAG's adventures thus far:

  1. The Fez series--6 adventures based on the mistakes made by the dimension-hopping wizard Fez. Licensed and printed by Mayfair games in the 1980's.
  2. The Zef series--These 7 adventures mark the birthplace of Toby the Kobold, references to Big Al, and some of the other popular running gags of NASCRAG events.
  3. The Nexus series--These 4 adventures feature more dimension hopping via the portal known simply as the NEXUS. Heroes fight the Demoness Nox and Coyote, the trickster spirit.
  4. The Zemo series--This uncompleted series was used as an AIDS benefit. It currently has 2 chapters, and may gain more in the future. It features Zemo the Illusionist and his Evil Clowns.
  5. The NASCRAG University series--3 adventures about time traveling dimension hoppers who work for the BUSCI organization and work to combat the time manipulations of the evil ASCII corporation.
  6. Catgut Willy and the Whirling Vortex of Doom--Concerned parents chase after their teenage children who ran away from school. Features Catgut Willy the beatnik bard, and Flambeau, the flamin' pig.
  7. Northern (L)Attitudes--Norski adventuring. Woo!

NASCRAG's major staff members are:

Lists compiled from NASCRAG's offical website, at

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