Cirque du Soleil's fifth show, permanently housed at the Treasure Island hotel/resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are two soundtracks, the normal version, and the live version. Tracklistings for both follow.
The normal soundtrack:
  1. Égypte
  2. Rumeurs
  3. Birimbau
  4. Kunya Sobé
  5. En Ville
  6. Ulysse
  7. Kondo
  8. Caravena
  9. Kalimando

The live soundtrack: (incidentally, the live soundtrack is, from what I can recall of the show, the correct order the acts/music appeared in)
  1. Ouverture - Ramsani
  2. Misha
  3. Égypte
  4. Rondo - Double Face
  5. Ulysse
  6. Dome
  7. Kalimando
  8. Kunya Sobe
  9. En Ville - Frisco
  10. Gambade
  11. High Bar
  12. Taiko
  13. Finale

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