I liked it.

Wouldn't you? Vanilla-normality gets boring after a while. Life isn't, shouldn't, always be about butterfly wings and dove feathers and Snow-White spirit.

She was a fairy tale, after all.

My white soul first kissed the mouth of sin - it tasted...exotic. Like the first time you tasted cinnamon, or the first time you saw a parrot at the zoo. And your tongue seemed to sing, and your eyes drank in color after color on iridescent plumage.

I could feel my soul darken, change colors to a purple, and then a pulsating blood-red.

Sin. It's what makes us human. And besides... White is boring.

I met God at a party once
at Eric’s place
                                               You know,  that guy with the horse tattoo
who wore jackboots everywhere

Eric had a keg of beer
there was a band called  The Locusts
they were playing “Louie Louie”
my dress was red and my hair was piled up high
and God flirted with me
in a room as white as science

he gave me honey and a needle
in sweet pink clouds I kissed him

he told me he'd been waiting for this moment
                                           all his life 
I said:  All your life and he said well, both 

The Locusts ended with “Sweet Jane”
the way the Cowboy Junkies do it

I was young and so naive
and though he promised he would call
                                           I haven't talked to God since
that night at Eric's place
when my white soul first 
kissed the mouth
of sin.
                                         I miss Him 

cowritten by lostcauser

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