There comes a time in a young man's life where he finally realizes that there is a line that divides everything into two sides. There is good and bad. That is the first thing you realize is divided by the line. Then, depending on the person and on which side of the line they choose to reside in they will see beautiful and ugly, light and dark, and warm and cold. One thing that it may take people a while to realize (even if they have already heard and read about it) is the difference between reality and the dreamworld. Most people change daily between the two and know which is which, but there are a few who cannot see the difference between the two and get lost on one side or the other. It is especially dangerous when they get lost in the dream world. Drug addicts, the comatose, mediums. The one thing that everybody needs to know is that there is always a connection between the two sides, the perpindicular are always parallel, the good always have evil tendencies, and even though everybody knows it, no one makes a connection.

People who are dreaming, can always act in the real world.

Sleep-walkers often become violent, which is the effect that the real world has on the dream world, but what effect can the world of dreams have on the realm of humans? A mental, psychological, and spiritual one. Obviously the dream world is equally potent. Often in the real world we will have flashes of connections. The only way the connection between the dream and real world can be realized is through one of these flashes. Even as you read this, you will not understand reality unless it is through a flash of connection. When these occur, there is not only a connection of thoughts, but a connection of people. You will be connected to someone. Whether they currently take place in the dream world or the real world, you will be fused with them. You will know everything about them, what they like to do, who there friends and family are, what they think, and what they feel. You will become them. This person may be someone you know already but you will know them so well when you are connected to them that they will seem to be a completely different person. If only you knew it was them then you could use this to strengthen your relationship with them. But if no one could know this, then how do I know? Possibly through a higher power...

What's the point of this node?? -

Well, in highschool me and some friends drove a bunch of matresses to a ditch and started beating the crap out of eatchother.

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