This sci-fi/adventure movie was released in 1985. It was written and directed by Jonathan R. Betuel. The cast includes John Stockwell as Michael Harlan, Danielle von Zerneck as Ellie Sawyer, Fisher Stevens as Vince Latello, Raphael Sbarge as Sherman, Dennis Hopper as Bob Robers, Richard Masur as Detective Jack Nulty, Ann Wedgeworth as Dolores, and more.

In this cheesy teen science fiction movie a pair of teenagers find a glowing orb in an abandoned military junkyard. The orb sucks up electricity worse than an early 80s boombox. Once it builds up enough power it starts melting reality, mixing past, present, future, and imagination. Now it's up to a couple teenagers to save the world from the thing they have released on it.

The most memorable thing from this movie is the blown '68 GTO, and I'm not even a car buff! I enjoyed this movie at the time, but looking back I don't recall it being anything special. There were much better movies from the same time of the same style (like Weird Science, Real Genius, or even Teen Wolf). Worth a watch if you are really into these types of movies. If not you should probably avoid it.

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