I've been hacking up a lung for the past week, and am just about tired of this whole life thing, so in case I happen to hack up any other major organs, you know, the important ones, I thought I'd better write my everything2 will. So, here it is, in all its infinite glory:

To ToasterLeavings, I leave: My write-ups, and 2000 experience (because he needs it so badly), and the portion of my brain where all of my factual content is stored. Also I'll be leaving toasty a whole bunch of great big dreamy hugs! And, and, a large ziplock bag filled with sweet, thoughtful memories, and a list of all that is good in the world. (You can have parts of my computer, as well, if you like, just beat the other aussie's to it.)

To MasterYoshi, I leave: The rest of my experience, whatever it might be, and the portion of my brain that holds my dreamy thought matter.

To hodgepodge, pukesick, and Lometa: I leave.. my sweet, sweet, endearing memory. ;)

To texty, k80z, lemon curry, and creolex: You guys can have my computer. Just come and ravage the beast. All of you haven't been noding enough any way, and there's a notepad file on my desktop filled with node ideas.

To Pseudo Intellectual: I leave my book of bad puns, so that he might continue to carry on the bad pun dream. Also, you can have the chocolate kiss that is sitting up in my bedroom, if you want it.

To yossarian, I leave: My shares in Mango Corp., which is doing quite well. Also, you can have my music collection, because I think you'd appreciate at least some of it.

To dannye: I leave all of my plantlife, because I think that would be my best bet. (See: houseplants.)

If I don't make it, just remember.. I love you all. The rest of ye noders can pick up any scraps left by the above mentioned. My preferred place of burial would be next to say, Nick Drake, or perhaps someone could kill some other dreamy little humans and bury me with them.

Note: this will null and void if yossarian kills me for my Mango Corp. shares!

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