My prize, if you insist on using that term, is possibly even more pitiful than knifegirl's Nutty Adventure Courses. You be the judge.


Note: The Frame-ups sticker has a picture of an octopus on it, so I'm sure you can see how this would provide an amusing way to ruin a photo while simultaneously denigrating the memory of a friend or family member. As if that wasn't fun enough, there's a bonus "Funny Fact" on the back:

jack's funny facts

When you blush, your stomach lining also reddens*.

And finally, that stupid little sailor kid and his dog inform me that: When you eat Cracker Jack, your stomach becomes happy. Someone should probably tell thefez about this.

*maybe it's just me, but this has shades of Fight Club written all over it: I am Jack's Reddening Stomach Lining.

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