My Cousin Vinny is a comedy from 1992. It stars Joe Pesci as an obnoxious New Yorker who had passed his bar exam, but never went to a trial. Ralph Macchio is one of the defendants, and the cousin of Joe's character, Vinny.

Overall, the comedy has held up over the years. Joe Pesci's character is as grating yet loveable as ever, and Marisa Tomei, who won a best supporting actress Oscar for this role, is his fiancée. Her character is deliciously played to the hilt, and she isn't just set decoration (although she is, I admit, gorgeous to look at.)

This movie also had the final appearance of an actor I admired, Fred Gwynne, whom you may remember as Herman Munster. Pesci and Gwynne go head-to-head, and this is where the best comedy bits crop up. The courtroom scenes are pretty spot-on, and I've heard lawyers praise it for the accuracy.

The plotline revolves around two traveling New Yorkers going through a small southern town. After they leave a convenience store, another car, similar to theirs, pulls up and kills the store employees. The police pull the kids over and arrest them for murder.

They call their families, and they send out Vinny Gambini, who just passed the bar, and his fiancée, Mona Lisa. Vinny is a fast talker, but has to adjust his style to keep from getting in trouble with the stodgy judge. In the end, Vinny saves the day and gets the kids off. The method he uses is brilliant, and makes logical sense.

This is a movie I go back to watch every so often. The humor holds up, and the storyline is fun to follow. I recommend this flick.

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