The dazed, surreal feeling you get sometimes, usually when you just wake up from a two-hour nap in the middle of the afternoon and are not sure what time, much less day, it is. Kind of a combination of 'murky' and 'fuzzy', which is how the world looks and feels to you for a while afterwards.

A series of children's language instructional video tapes featuring Muzzy, the giant blue fuzzy thing, the royal family a rat on a motorcyle, some dude on a bike, and the evil villain. Came in French, German, Spanish, and maybe some others, each set coming with an English tape as well as its foreign counterpart.

I've only seen the German one, but because of it, I can say Ich bin Muzzy, ich bin grosse Muzzy, Ich bin Bob, ich bin der Gartner, pflaumen, and such.

Oh, and Sylvia.

The thing is, these tapes really, really work. And the animation is such that could could redo the soundtrack in all the necessary languages, without changing anything else. It's just the right mix of repetition and entertainment needed for acquisition of language skills.

Muz"zy (?), a. [Cf. F. muse.]

Absent-minded; dazed; muddled; stupid.

The whole company stared at me with a whimsical, muzzy look, like men whose senses were a little obfuscated by beer rather then wine. W. Irving.


© Webster 1913.

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