This is another of the vert plant tricks in skateboarding. This is dead straight the intermediate plant, so by this stage you should be familiar with both the handplant and eggplant. Therefore, I shall only detail the differences between the execution of a Handplant and Mute Invert, and not the before and after.

As you are beggining to go vertical, grab your board in a mute grab (as the name suggests) instead of an indy grab. This is of course much harder. Now, to pull this trick off you're going to need to know how to stall your plant (as in stay vertical for a prolonged time), unlike the others. Once you reach vertical stall and now you need to invert (see invert). This is the hardest part. As soon as you have executed your invert return to a normal mute grab and dismount.

Good luck, this is a very difficult trick.

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