No, this isn't a botany node. This is a node on a very complex and advanced vert skateboarding trick. Warning: If this trick is not executed it can result in snapped vertebrae, hence paralysis. Make sure you are very, very, very good at vert before trying this.
Make sure you can do all stalls on a full vert ramp (click here for a list of stalls) before even thinking of attempting this trick.

You need alot of speed and gymnastic talent to pull this off. As you reach the vert start leaning forward. Once you reach the coping continue to lean forward and at the same time do the following:
A. Make sure you made a straight approach. If you didn't BAIL! If you bail now you will not hurt yourself as much.
B. Place your front hand (left for regular, right for goofy) directly in front of you on the coping.
C. Grab the board in an indy grab as you leave the coping.

As I said before you need gymnastic talent, because you're about to turn yourself upside down. You don't need to ollie, just start pushing up on your front hand and get ready to support your weight. Striaghten your arm out fully, and once you are up vertically, rock back. This is the tricky part. You now need to do the following:
A. DO NOT BAIL! It's too late to bail now, if you have to wait until you can throw yourself back down the transition, it will be far less painful.
B. Once you're on an angle again (i.e. not vertical) start bending your arm, but not too fast. It is important that you are not vertical, because if you are you will drop yourself on your head.
C. Start tucking your knees up and be careful to make sure the front wheels (you are now in switch) are onto the vert and not hooked on the coping.
D. Once your back wheels are back onto the vert (taking care as above) let go of the coping and start leaning forward immediately (if you don't you'll wipe out).

Good luck, this is a very difficult trick, though it is still the most basic of the plants.

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