Countless nights I have stayed awake and aware
Prisoner of older households, years and ages
The souls stay the same dead in this plane
Alive, my heart and in those once graced
By a kind hand and compassionate word

Blood breathes in the neighboring room
And waters churn my ears with great purpose
Mourning ballads of our ancient forebears
Made manifest by currency and muse dreaming
In eternal black my restless memories dwell

The space between us can only grow more barren
With each moment that collides into strangers
Yet shares nothing in answer to empty pleas
Continuing a barefoot trek across cold deserts
Free of purpose or meaning it's still beating

Nothing I buy or say will contain the ache
Silent floodwaters spread my memories
Thin mask of silver ripples and breaks away
To cover all in murk and become reality shared
Only end of days will reveal our true desires

Murk (?), a. [See Murky.]

Dark; murky.

He can not see through the mantle murk. J. R. Drake.


© Webster 1913.

Murk, n.

Darkness; mirk.




© Webster 1913.

Murk, n.

The refuse of fruit, after the juice has been expressed; marc.


© Webster 1913.

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