A sailboat created at Vinga boat yard in Sweden during the 1970's. It measures an overall length of 9.15 meters (about 30 ft), a width of 3.18 meters and a reaches 1.60 meters deep. Its rig reaches 12.3 meters up and the boat weighs about 3.2 tons.

From the outside, the boat almost looks a bit chubby, a feeling the rather large cabin height enhances. All Murenas came with a yellow hull and as I understand it, most of them still are in that colour today.

This sailboat runs very smooth in the water and even though it is sometimes rather lenient, it can be trusted when the wind picks up.

The Murena should preferably be sailed with a large Genua even at relatively strong winds. This is due to its stiff masthead rig and sailors of the boat actually recommend to reef the main sail ahead of switching to the smaller Genua II.

As for the deck, the boat has plenty of room and its stability due to its chubbyness, combined with well dimensioned toe rails makes it a pretty safe place to move about.

Generally the cabin feels spacious with a lot of places to stow your belongings.

To the left and aft of the entrence, there is a pantry with fresh water from the tank situated by the stem, sea water, a cool box and a gas stove with owen. There are five full sized beds along the hull and a dinette located in the center. On starboard side close to midship, there is a WC and in front of it on portside, there is a small closet.

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