A drink cocktail infamously brewed by british thrash metallers Raging Speedhorn at the Kerrang Awards! 2002. What resulted from this was drunken mis-behaviour on an enormous scale (but that's what we all expected from the 'horn anyway, managing to do the exact same thing the previous year).

If you are willing to try this out for yourself, remember: it contains a crap load of alcohol. Buckets and plastic cups are a necessity:

  1. Take a glass
  2. Fill half of it with Absinthe (50%)
  3. Fill it almost to the top with Jack Daniel's (47%)
  4. Top it off with coke for flavour
  5. Stir up. Drink. Cause Trouble. Repeat until unconciousness.

If you are feeling truly adventurous, try the beverage in it's original form:

Remember, Raging Speedhorn drank this all night at the Kerrang! Awards 2002 and came out kicking at the end. Of course, they have a large resistance against alcohol anyway, due to the fact that they get pissed every night. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility for the actions and/or damages caused by consuming the above drink. The rat poison is drank at your own risk, because it is poison and rat's don't like it much, so neither should you.

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