Unfortunately, I cannot come up with a direct quote for you from Mr. Subliminal. I can't find anything on him, and every time he's going to be on SNL re-runs on the Comedy Network (the Canadian comedy channel, I seem to miss it.

Mr. Subliminal is a mostly unnoticed, yet intensely funny and brilliantly written character played by Kevin Nealon. He did not have a catch phrase, but his whole routine qualified as a catch phrase. The idea behind the character was that he put somewhat obvious subliminal messages into everything he said. It was also assumed that the subliminal messages are what the character really wanted to say, or was thinking. He didn't have a steady skit on Saturday Night Live, but appeared in different skits, and even on Weekend Update. Nealon would start to talk, and on the chyron below, it would say "Subliminal Editorial."

I will now approximate, in a few lines, what Mr. Subliminal would say. Keep in mind that the italicized and bracketed portions are meant to be spoken immediately following the word before it, in a low, but audible monotone voice. Also, keep in mind that the story below makes little sense, and is not factual:

Today, a man in Sarajevo (tourist paradise) was gunned down by American soldiers (criminals). President Bill Clinton (fat bastard) was unable to speak on the matter (too drunk) as he was away at Camp David (whorehouse) attending to other matters (Monica Lewinsky). An official spokesman said that the president was justifiably upset (overjoyed) and assured us that the soldiers responsible would be prosecuted for their crimes and would receive their just punishment(prison rape). I think that these men deserve every punishment available (prison rape), and that, through our system, they could be let off scott free (OJ). I mean, let's face it, they obviously did it (OJ), having stabbed the man (OJ).

That's the entire basis of the character. Of course, hearing it is much better than my interpretation. However, there are funny instances in which the crowd would be laughing so hard that Kevin Nealon would have to speak over them, because, if interrupted, the jokes would appear more obvious.

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