The Sensitive Naked Man was a skit on Saturday Night Live, in the early 1990's. He was played by Rob Schneider.

The premise of the character is simple - he's sensitive, and naked. As well as the obvious sight gags, with pottery in the way of his genitals, and him sitting on the couch with a book across his lap, the character could not understand why people were having problems. But he tried. He was sort of like an inept, nude social worker.

For example, they'd be at a baseball game, and the person next to him would be uncomfortable because they're sitting next to a person who's nude, at a baseball game. He (The Sensitive Naked Man) would say something like, "What's bothering you?"

The companion would reply, "It's nothing."

"Come on. I know something's bothering you. Your problems can't be healed if you keep them bottled up inside."


"You know you can talk to me."

Uh, well," the companion would say, "It's just that you're so...naked!"

"No, really, what's wrong?"

And on it would go for the entirety of the skit. And good times were had by all.

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