One Sunday while grocery shopping and taking in the free samples, Homer Simpson came across a tank of lobsters for sale. Mouth drooling, Homer wanted to buy one, but found the cost prohibitive. Instead he bought a $8 lobster with the intention of fattening him up to a $40 lobster and then eating the profits.

Strangely enough, Homer became emotionally attached to the lobster, which he named Mr. Pinchy. He cooked eggs and bacon for his new pet, and eventually allowed him to eat at the dinner table with the rest of the family. Homer declared that the new member of the family would not be eaten, and instead the family dined on steamed Maine cabbages that evening. As a result of not being eaten, Mr. Pinchy became extremely tame and wimpy. However, while Homer saw Mr. Pinchy as a cute, cuddly lobster, Marge saw him as a ferocious, snarling beast.

One afternoon Homer and Marge took Mr. Pinchy for a walk on the beach, and as a result the lobster got sand all over him. Trying to clean him up, Homer prepared a nice hot bath for Mr. Pinchy... and the rest is history. Delicious history.

Poor Mr. Pinchy; he would have wanted it this way.

Episode of The Simpsons: Lisa Gets An A

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