Mr. Pants the Survey Man is Rareware's infamous survey man. He is a cheap drawing of a stick-ish figure with red Y-Front pants, a bowler hat, and a clipboard. Since his creation, he has become the unofficial mascot of the Rarewhere website.

According to the "stories" that have been "made" about him, Mr. Pants is in love with Mrs. Pie (Though Mr. Pie is always looking for revenge). Along with Mr. Pants is Mr. Trout, his evil twin, and many other "pieces" to the "story".

He has so far appeared on Rareware's web site, Rarewhere, in Jet Force Gemini, where he is on a picture on the wall and with a cheat mode; in Banjo-Tooie, on Boggy's TV, the Dodgem Dome, and the quiz show (didn't know about the quiz show question, owlbreath); and in a small Games Factory-made game called Mr. Pants 2000.

More recently, Mr. Pants has appeared in Banjo-Tooie twice: on Boggy's TV set in Hailfire Peaks (his bear babes DVD is apparently a bad copy), and as a constellation in the sky texture in Witchy World's Dodgem Dome.

He also appears in the end-of-game quiz show; the monitor shows him and asks for his name. How players are supposed to acquire this information from playing the game, I don't know.

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