A villain first published by Fawcett Comics and later by DC Comics. Mr. Mind first appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #22 in March 1943.

Mr. Mind is an alien from a planet where the dominate race is one of intelligent worms. Mind was born a mutant with powerful mental powers, allowing him to project his will on others, controlling their actions and even to the point where he could inhabit their bodies. Mr. Mind was about three inches long, green with red dots down the side. The worm wears specially designed glasses, as he is near-sighted, and wears a voice amplifier shaped like a 1930's radio around his neck.

Mr. Mind has tried on multiple occassions to use his mind powers to take over the Earth, but has been opposed by Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family. Mr. Mind has used his mental abilities to organize other villains to help in his quest, calling the group the Monster Society of Evil. Members of the group included Dr. Sivana, Captain Nazi, and others.

The threat of Mr. Mind was seemingly ended when he was captured by Captain Marvel and electrocuted for his crimes. Unbeknownst to his opponents, the electricity actually sent Mr. Mind into suspended animation. Mr. Mind tricked the world into believing that he was dead by having a mind-controlled accomplice create a "stuffed" version of him and put it on display. Mr. Mind then wrapped himself in a web and slept for twenty years.

Upon awaking, Mr. Mind found that Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family had been trapped for a similar period of time. The two once again clashed and Captain Marvel again defeated the evil worm.

Mr. Mind has made a post-Crisis appearance taking control of Billy Batson's uncle Ebenezer and plotting to take over the world by controlling all the people of Fawcett City. Mr. Mind was defeated by Captain Marvel, who froze all of the worms of the town thereby rendering Mr. Mind unconscious.

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