A professional wrestler and manager. He is of Hawaiian-Japanese ancestry, and his real name is Harry Fujiwara. Apparently, he speak no Japanese He wrestled as Shintaro Fuji in the late 60's. He was most active as a wrestler between the late 60's and early 80's.

I remember him most as a manager during the early 80's. He was a heel, or a bad guy. He would also wrestle on occasion. His main weapon was a somewhat homoerotic one - once his opponent gets groggy, and was lying down face up, in the middle of the ring, Mr. Fuji would spread their legs open, stand towards the feet, facing the victim, and tip over, ramming his head into the opponent's crotch. That's gotta hurt. It's possible that it was supposed to be the lower abdomen that the headbutt was supposed to impact, but that's not how it looked.

His last role in the WWF was being the manager of Yokozuna.

Cursory research on the internet reveals that he now works at a movie theater in Knoxville, Tennesee.

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