A Frank Capra movie starring Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur
(Not to be confused with Capra's other, similarly titled classic, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

As with most Capra movies, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town centers around a small town hero, big fish in a small pond sort, transplanted from his small pond to the big ocean of the cruel and heartless world, in this case New York City.

Mr. Deeds, played by Gary Cooper, inherits a fortune from his dead uncle at the start of the movie. Under the terms of the will, he moves into his Uncle's more than adequate mansion in New York City. Unfortunately, Deeds is not prepared for the deceitful world of Lawyers and reporters that he is dropped into. Eventually tired of his Big City Life, Deeds opts to give away the money that has brought him so much ill to poor farmers, and is summarily tried for insanity. In an ironic twist, the very reporter who wrote the worst stories about him is the one who gets him to speak up in his own defense at his hearing and thus get himself off of the insanity charges.

Pure Capra.

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