Serving Norfolk, Roanoke, Bluefield, Catlettsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago, and intermediate points

Amtrak train numbers: 54 and 55

Predecessor railroad train numbers: Norfolk and Western 3 and 4 (Pocahontas)

The Norfolk and Western Railway's flagship overnight train on the main line between Norfolk and Cincinnati was the Pocahontas, named for the coal fields in Virginia that produced the coal that was both hauled by the Norfolk and Western and powered its steam locomotives.

In 1975, Amtrak introduced a train over the line, named the Mountaineer. It ran all the way to Chicago, being combined with or separated from the James Whitcomb Riley at Cincinnati.

In 1977, the portion of the route between Norfolk and Petersburg was dropped and the train became the Hilltopper, now only going as far as Catlettsburg to connect with the James Whitcomb Riley's successor, the Cardinal. The service was discontinued entirely in 1979 due to budget cuts.

Condensed historical timetables:

    READ DOWN                         READ UP
(1956)  (1975)                    (1975)  (1956)
 1:30P   1:05P Dp Norfolk      Ar  6:10P   5:05P
 7:15P   7:10P    Roanoke         12:10P  11:35A
10:10P  10:00P    Bluefield        9:00A   8:40A
 2:58A   3:35A    Catlettsburg     3:13A   3:21A
 7:05A   7:40A    Cincinnati      11:32P  11:20P
 -----   2:42P Ar Chicago      Dp  2:35P   -----

The Amtrak Train Names Project

Moun`tain*eer" (?), n. [OF. montanier, LL. montanarius. See Mountain.]


An inhabitant of a mountain; one who lives among mountains.


A rude, fierce person.


No savage fierce, bandit, or mountaineer. Milton.


© Webster 1913.

Moun`tain*eer", v. i.

To lie or act as a mountaineer; to climb mountains.

You can't go mountaineering in a flat country. H. James.


© Webster 1913.

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