Nepalese mountaineer, 1966-2001

Yesterday Babu Chiri, regarded as one of greatest climbers of Mount Everest ever, fell to his death in a crevasse on the mountain that he loved so much.

Babu was of the Sherpa people, and had been climbing his whole life, starting as a porter at the age of 13. With the money he earned from helping large expeditions, he was has started collecting money to build a school in his home village Aklang, close to Mount Everest. Babu himself never had the opportunity to go to school. 

Babu holds the records for fastest ascent of Mount Everest - 16 hours and 40 minutes from Everest Base Camp. He's also the person spending the longest time on the summit without supplementary oxygen. He made this by setting up a tent at the summit !  

Babu leaves behind his wife and his six daughters, aged 14, 12, 8, 6, 4 and 2 years old. 

If you want to know more about the Babu Chiri School Fund, check . 

Ascents by Babu Chiri:

1989 Kanchenjunga     (8598m) 
1990 Dhaulagiri       (8167m)  
1990 Mount Everest    South East Ridge  
1991 Mount Everest    North Ridge  
1991 Mount Everest    South Face  
1992 Mount Everest    West Ridge  
1993 Mount Everest    North Ridge  
1994 Shisha Pangma    (8013m) (Twice) 
1995 Mount Everest    North Ridge  (Twice) 
1995 Cho Oyu          (8153m)  
1996 Mount Everest    South East Ridge  
1997 Mount Everest    South Face 
1998 Ama Dablam 
1999 Mount Everest 
1999 Mount Everest    21 hours on the summit without supplementary oxygen   
2000 Mount Everest    Speed Record, 16 hrs 40 mins from the Everest Base Camp.    


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