hmm.. let's see

it's located in the center of the state, bordered by Todd county on the West, Crow Wing and Cass counties to the North, Mille Lacs county to the East, and by Stearns and Benton counties to the South.

it's County seat, and largest city is Little Falls. The Mississippi River runs straight through the center of the county.

About one sixth of the county is taken up by Camp Ripley, a traning facility for the U.S. National Guard. Most of the county is agricultural; products include Corn, Beef, Dairy products, and Ethanol. The ethanol is produced at a small plant north of Little Falls, and if the wind is right it makes the whole town smell like an empty beer can that has been left out in the sun. Too bad they have to put gasoline in the ethanol, so that people don't try to drink it.

The popuation, like most of the state, consists of people of German, Polish, or Scandinavian descent.

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