It was dreadful. They tried to put the little redhead in a cage.
Sarah Ferguson, Moon in Aries

In the above quote, the Duchess of York was remarking on her life within the Royal Family. Poor little rich girl.

I don't have a great deal of sympathy for firey Moon's, in general. They attack life with gusto, to be sure, but the Aries Moon people can also be incredibly selfish. Everything tends to be Me First! with these people. And talk about rushing in where angels fear to tread.

I should try to be a little more objective. Having a Virgo Moon makes me a tad hyper-critical of everything and everyone. I just don't understand people with Moon's in elements other than earth. All Lunar placements are colored by, and react with, the native's Sun sign. Someone with both Sun and Moon in Aries is more apt to tend towards the volatile nature of an Aries Moon. The more planets a native has in Aries (Leo or Sagittarius too) the worse the negative side of the Moon placement becomes. If the Sun is in Pisces, they are more in tune with others needs and feelings. The Sun/Moon blend creates a better understanding of the nature of the Moon in any given sign.

People born with their Moon in Aries are emotionally aggressive. They usually respond to life as if it were an adventure. Life also tends to be one long emergency response with these people. They are good at setting up circumstances whereby they have to react rapidly to any given situation. They like living with an adrenaline rush.

Aries, being the first sign of the Zodiac, is associated with the infant stage of human development. If you think of a baby crying to have it's needs fulfilled, you can understand the Lunar Arian mindset a little better. You can also see why Aries are so often frustrated when they cannot get their needs fulfilled. Like a baby, they are at the mercy of others who control their fate. People with their Moon in Aries need to learn patience and cooperation. They also need to develop an inner sense of security. That aggressive emotionalism masks the fear that they will be ignored and their needs will go unfulfilled. It's very frightening to them. This is an innate fear and not even maturity will completely eradicate it.

These people are fiercely independent. They are also foolhardy. Again, that need for an adrenaline rush is ever-present in these people. They love danger and pushing the envelope. They do best in careers where they can be the leader. They are original, inventive but restless and lacking in follow-thru. They will be the first to volunteer for anything because they love to be in the forefront of activity but they don't usually think whatever it is they are doing through and can get themselves into trouble that way. Their mental impressions and reactions are very quick. They trust their sense perceptions of the given situation and then act immediately upon them without reflection. And don't try to talk them out of whatever it is they want to do. They resent advice and, if Mercury is also in Aries, they'll give you one heck of a tounge-lashing for interfering.

Lunar Arians are ambitious, pioneering and self-reliant. These are all excellent traits, especially in an emotionally mature person. People with their Moon in Aries need to learn disapline and patience; to understand advice offered is not always a criticism or an attempt to cage them; to ask for help when they get themselves into trouble.

Women with their Moon in Aries will seek partners who they can dominate. If the Moon is poorly aspected this can be extremely bad. Jealousy is also a serious problem with them. Men who have an Arian Moon look for women who are dominant and independent. Both sexes can come across as cold and impersonal because the ego needs to be fed to attract their attention. Once you gain their notice they can be very warm and affectionate.

Sun/Moon Blend

Taurus Sun/Aries Moon:
Adds assertiveness and determination to the naturally cautious Taurean nature.

Gemini Sun/Aries Moon:
Adds to the agility and alertness of cognitive functions as well as selfishness.

Cancer Sun/Aries Moon:
Adds more sensitivity to others and blunts the explosive and firey temper of the Aries Moon.

Leo Sun/Aries Moon:
Adds common sense and self-confidence but rashness and combativeness is heightened too.

Virgo Sun/Aries Moon:
Conflicted, inner turmoil. Adds to the critical and exacting nature of Virgo; further detachment from emotions.

Libra Sun/Aries Moon:
Impulsiveness, independence and restlessness pronounced. Adds to better understanding of others; empathy.

Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon:
Extreme ambition; dogmatic; lack of understanding for abstracts. Passionate yet reserved.

Sagittarius Sun/Aries Moon:
Adds to inventiveness and originality as well as the need for continual and extreme excitement. Needs to learn moderation in all things.

Capricorn Sun/Aries Moon:
Adds to ambition and drive and the need to be a leader.

Aquarius Sun/Aries Moon:
Adds arrogance regarding natives own cognitive abilities as well as restlessness. Heightened need for independence and both mental and physical stimulation.

Pisces Sun/Aries Moon:
Adds empathy as well as a desire to achieve and lead. Gives the native more confidence, but also leads to a conflicted nature.

Moon in Pisces || Moon in Taurus

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