The film which this pornographic scene is found in1 is called Call Girl Confidential, by legendary porn director Paul Thomas. I could have reviewed the film as a whole, but there's only one scene of true novelty and compelling interest. This is the first anal sex scene shot by Monique Alexander, who made a tantalisingly slow and methodical progression from stripping, to solo shoots, to girl-on-girl, to hardcore pornography.

Ms. Alexander is a charming young lady, a fresh-faced and cream-skinned blonde with a positively angelic smile who, in between gigs of performing sexually for the camera, does things like debating the pros and cons of pornography at Yale University (and believe me, she's a pro) and championing sex ed in Fox News interviews. In this film, she is not a call girl, really but instead a lower tier of ho', a street hooker named Cherry, starting to tire of "the life."

Cherry runs into old school chum-turned priest of the Roman Catholic Church, Father Michael (porn actor Marcos Leon), who after various scenes of introduction and exposition, eventually gets sprayed with a facefull of mace while trying to "talk down" another street hooker from her trade. In her black top and a jeans skirt, Cherry helps the priest back to his house. Thus begins the third sex scene in the film. Father Michael insists that he doesn't want her help, and that Cherry must wait downstairs while he takes a shower. He heads up, and just then the music kicks in, a surprisingly sad and soulful song. Cherry doffs her coat and walks around the house a bit, looking over the Father's things. But she is impatient, and it doesn't take too long for her to decide to follow him up the stairs.

She boldly opens the shower door, and runs her hands up and down her lithe body in front of the priest, whose expression perfectly captures the combination of shock and the sort of desire from which one can not look away. He is, inevitably, aroused. From behind, we see her unbutton her top, which she flings to the floor. And then, around she turns (and around the camera pans to provide the Padre's point of view), as she unbuttons her skirt and slides it down over the smoothness of her behind and past her long legs.

Looking up from a low camera angle, we see her, clad now only in a high pair of boots, grabbing a bar of soap from just off-camera. With this she soaps up his chest and abs -- a formality, for quickly she drops to her knees and deep throats his cock, then pulls out to stroke him with her hands, alternating between licking and shallow sucking, deep throating, and full hand-strokes. He is, understandably, powerless to resist; caught in the palm of her hand, so to speak. First staring ahead robotically, he looks down to take in the intense, seductive sucking being imposed upon him, and the camera angle switches from an upward view of the scene to his point of view -- several times over, she sucks him all the way into her mouth, then pulls out with a gasp to stroke him, tenderly looking up to renew eye contact throughout the experience. And then she stands up, reaches for a fluffy white towel, and hangs it on his stiffness as she turns and sidles to the bedroom. Magnetically, he follows.

There, she lays on the bed and opens her sex to him. He responds with the cunnilingus of the famished, displaying surprising technique for a man of the cloth. She moans and smiles with impressive sincerity, touching her breasts, more than once ironically shouting "oh my God," as he focuses his action on her clit while working his middle finger in and out of her writhing body.

The scene cuts to sexual intercourse -- her on top, though he is hardly playing the docile participant. From a rear angle, she arcs her body and then bounces energetically upon him; he holds her hips and fucks upwards into her. He is wearing a condom, which keeps slipping upwards by minute increments, as though the tightness of her pussy threatens to pull it off, despite her obvious and intense wetness. She moves forward, his cock popping out, and lays on her back so that he, sitting up, may thrust into her from something more akin to a missionary position. Again, she is active, thrusting her whole body back and forth so as to encompass and fully take in his cock, tits bouncing perkily as she asks, "do you like that tight little pussy of mine? You bet your cock!!" She announces her need to come, and appears to follow through.

The scene then cuts to Cherry, laying on her side, legs curled, playing with her pussy and sliding her presumably cum-wetted fingers back and forth from there to her anus which she thusly lubricates. She guides Father Michael's (now condomless) erection into her ass and, hand at the bass of his cock, controls the penetrative action as he rod thrusts through her sphincter. Rolling onto her stomach, she lets him take charge -- "oh, wow" she exclaims in a tone of surprise, quickly reassuring, "it's okay baby, it's okay." He thrusts into her, bucking for a minute like an untamed stallion, before pulling out to spurt a truly prodigious quantity of semen across her silken back. The sheer volume of his ejaculate was almost enough to make the viewer believe this to be the product of years of self-denial.

Like Monique Alexander's career, the overarching theme here is a progression as well, brought on by the crisis of faith, both in the sexual capitalism of the call girl and the celibacy of the priest. It is an interesting sort of morality tale which teaches us that sometimes people, past and present issues aside, belong together, the gulf between them to be conquered by something as materialistic as one anal penetration-inspired ejaculation.


Yes, another porn-centric write-up. I hope not to offend fellow noders with somewhat more, um, delicate sensibilities, but I find this work to have serious literary and artistic merit, and so I hope its inclusion will be deemed of value beyond the utterly pornographic nad-slapping good fun that it is, as well. There are different places to find this delightful pornographic scene on the Internets, and none are what I'd call stable, but here's one at any rate.

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