Campy 1962 Italian film that pretends to be a documentary, but is really just a collection of freaky shit (some of it apparently staged) assembled to titillate the viewer. There's some pretty unabashed racism and misogyny that comes through in the narration and choice of subjects, but it's so dated that it comes across as ridiculous and funny rather than offensive. There's this one scene where some native islander is chased up a palm tree by a bunch of topless women intent on holding him down and raping him -- I wonder if that's what Monty Python was referencing in the scene from the Meaning of Life where the guy gets to choose how he dies.

There are other straight male fantasies like a bunch of Australian lifeguards who get to be real life cpr dummies for a bunch of blonde female lifeguards (one of them is packing wood, if you look closely). Other "exotic" scenes in the film include a Kobe beef cow getting its daily ration of beer, people eating insects at a New York restaurant, and geese being force-fed for foie gras production.

Baraka is an excellent, de-camped, non-sensational 1990's take on the same theme.

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