A great lemon pie is a wonderful dessert for a festive summer picnic or party. This is not lemon meringue pie, just lemon pie--and it's very sunny and yellow and solar-oriented, especially when topped by optional orange slices. This particular pie is suggested for Midsummer celebrations, and the recipe was created by the mother of well-known Pagan author Edain McCoy.



Preheat the oven to 375ยบ F. Put the pie shell in a deep-dish pan. Mix the dry ingredients together, then add in the eggs, milk, butter, juice, and lemon peel. Beat until smooth. (You might need an electric mixer, but possibly not.) Pour into the pie shell and bake about 40 minutes until golden brown. Make sure that if you decide to use a second pie shell over the top, you seal it well around the edges (crimping the sides if desired!) and that you cut steam holes in the top layer so it doesn't explode! Top with orange slices for an added solar touch.

Yield: 1 pie
Source: Paraphrased from Edain McCoy, The Sabbats
Use for: Litha, any summer celebration

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