Molly Millions is a razorgirl, a cybernetically-enhanced bodyguard/assassin. She is a creation of William Gibson, and appears in the novels Neuromancer and Mona Lisa Overdrive. She also appears in the short story Johnny Mnemonic, in the book Burning Chrome, and is mentioned by a character in Count Zero. She goes by the alias Sally Shears in Mona Lisa Overdrive, and at one point in that book, the Finn reveals that she spent some time as a prizefighter under the name of Misty Steele.

Molly is a tall thin pale woman with dark, roughly-cut hair. Her most noticable external feature is a pair of curved, mirrored lens implants that totally hide her eyesockets. Less noticable, but much more deadly, are the ten razor-sharp double-edged blades hidden under Molly's fingernails, which can be extended or retracted at will. She also has a small digital clock implant, activated by pressing her tongue against a tooth, which projects the time onto her optic nerve, and a set of image amplifiers activated in a similar fashion.

Molly has spent time in several occupations - most of them involving physical activity. She is bodyguard to Case in Neuromancer, to Kumiko in Mona Lisa Overdrive, and bodyguard/partner-in-crime to Johnny in Johnny Mnemonic. She is on the board of a German casino, and The Finn alludes to several shady connections, such as money and data laundering.

Molly is the only character who appears or is mentioned in all four of William Gibson's first series of books (Burning Chrome, Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive).

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