Rikki is a character in the short story Burning Chrome by William Gibson. She's the disposable muse used by Bobby Quine to motivate the burning of Chrome. Her primary motivation is to become a simstim star like her idol Tally Isham.

If you've read Burning Chrome you may realize that her last name is never given. She's referred to, once, as "Rikki Wildside" but this is a pet moniker given by Bobby. Kolodny is the (last) name used by the Turing Registry agents in Neuromancer in reference to Molly. I.E. Rikki from Burning Chrome is the larval stage of the perennial razorgirl of several of William Gibson's novels.

The last we know of Rikki, she has financied her optical implant Tally-Isham-blue Zeiss Ikons by whoring as a meat puppet in Chrome's House of Blue Lights and jumped a plane to Hollywood to try to make it in the simstim biz. Automatic Jack, Bobby's partner in crime, upgrades her ticket to a first class fare to Chiba City, but, apparently, she never makes it in simulated stimulus.

Jack does this, not merely because they've been fucking around behind Bobby's back, but also because of the way she reacts to his prosthetic arm. While other people have shied away from it or ignored it at best, she seems to take an attitude that it is, at the least, normal/acceptable and, possibly, an interesting upgrade of sorts.

Molly Millions' tale picks up in NightCity... Just down the way a bit from Chiba City, where Rikki's leaves off. Molly is full fledged street samurai by the time we meet her in Johnny Mnemonic. We learn in Neuromancer that Molly financed her optical implants and other body modifications in the same manner as Rikki. At one point, Molly comments to Case that she enjoys the simstim broadcast rig they've set up on her during the Freeside run on Villa Straylight.

I've not yet read Mona Lisa Overdrive to see what other clues can be gathered from her avatar of Sally Shears, if anyone can /msg me additional info or fatal flaws, please do... as it is the theory holds down to Molly/Rikki's penchant for dark nail polish.

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