The Minibike Jousting League

A new sport, pioneered by the Engineers at UBC, Minibike jousting is a fast paced, action packed orgy of miniature mayhem and vehicular violence. Combatants ride at each other on small children's bicycles, and using Pool Noodles as lances/swords attempt to knock each other off their noble steed.

The UBC Minbike Jousting League holds its tourneys most sunny Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 in front of the Engineer's Cairn. Come out and ride in the lists, if you dare.

To start your own Minibike Jousting League all you need is a flat piece of road, some traffic pylons, two children's bycicles, a supply of pool noodles (and duct tape for repairs), and the following rules.

  1. Aiming for the face is dishonorable (not illegal, just dishonorable)
  2. Always pass your opponent on the right
  3. The first pass must be made with the pool noodle as a lance
  4. The noodle may then be used as a sword in subsequent passes
  5. The first person to touch the ground during a pass loses the joust
  6. You may touch the ground to turn your steed around at the END of the lists (marked by pylons)
  7. After four rounds, judges must then award a point per round, based on who had a better pass (ties are allowed)
  8. If you are two points ahead, you win the joust
  9. Tourneys are to be held in either a single elimination, or a double elimination fashion

Minibikes can be purchased from any consignment or used bicycle shop. For maximum effect, they are to be the cutest, pinkest, little girly bikes that can be obtained, and they are to be given Monster Truck Names, like Soul Reaver, or Gargantuan.

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