Mighty Joe Plum is a band, consisting of a group of guys who've known eachother since sixth grade. (Brett Williams - Vocals, Marlin Clark - Guitar, Mark Mercado - Drums, Davy Mason - Bass.)They messed around with instruments and vocals and played in various garages while they were growing up, and then parted for a while due to college and all that other life'y stuff. They eventually got back together, and came up with the name "Mighty Joe Plum", which is really as simple as it looks.. it's the name of that giant monkey movie mixed with a fruit they happen to like.

They're from the Tampa Bay Area, and had already grown quite popular before they signed on with Atlantic Records and released "The Happiest Dogs", their debut album. The most noteable track from the album (mostly because it's the only one I've heard), is "Live Through This (Fifteen Stories)". It's a kickass song, and probably the reason they sold so many albums so fast, though I believe they've quite a few good songs.

They're essentially a rock band, but there music has bits and pieces of a lot of other genres in it too, just the way it should be. There worth a listen, any way.. one of the few bands that it seems to be really hard to find out about. (The only working site on the net I found was the ever helpful www.ubl.com and a bit on www.allmusic.com.)

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