Micheal Fay is this dumb teen who was caned in Singapore for possessing stolen street signs, and spray painting cars. The May 1994 sentence, given by a prison martial arts expert, included 4 powerful strokes of a four-foot long, 1/2 inch wide sopping wet rattan cane to his bare ass. This was a punishment categorized as torture by Amnesty International.

Fay's dad at home in Dayton, Ohio vocalized his son's sentence to the world (and coerced confession) for months before it was meted out. He thought Americans would be stunned and press Singapore to commute it. He mused on about it being barbaric, and how the Singapore goverment had no right to treat an American that way.

He was wrong. tee-hee! Though The Clinton administration "logged" a protest on Fay's behalf, the media turned Fay into the posterchild for what's wrong with America's youth. The case prompted politicians in many cities to propose bringing back public flogging, a punishment not seen in the United States since 1952.

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