A european musician who is known for doing musical experimentation, and for being rather eccentric.

He is best known in the USA for his project Enigma, which has so far resulted in four albums, MCMXC A.D., The Cross of Changes, La Roi Est Mort, Vive La Roi!, and The Screen Behind the Mirror. They often involve many samples, Gregorian Chants, Ethnic Music, and is rather similar to Ambient Music.

He has also done a few albums under his own name, both in English and in German, but they are hard to find.

Michael Cretu was born on May 18, 1957 in Bucharest, Romania. He began studying music early at the piano, and graduated with distinctions from the Academy of Music in Frankfurt in 1978. Cretu began work as a studio artist, and almost immediately worked his way into a role as a producer.

Cretu is married to popular european artist Sandra Lauer, and has produced many of her records. He is an eccentric individual, and lives with Sandra on the small Spanish island of Ibiza. He wrote and recorded the Enigma material holed up in his A.R.T. production studio, which is built into his residence.

credits : http://www.enigma-archives.org.uk/

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