Title: Metropolismania
Developer: Natsume
Publisher: Indi Software
Year Published: 2002
Platform: Playstation2
ESRB Rating: Teen

A person in a yellow outfit runs down a city street. Mr./Mrs. Yellow stops at the foot of a five story building. Then turns to face the building. Yellow starts to jog towards the building then leaps, without moving a muscle, over the tower with the grace of a wooden plank. She/He lands on the other side with a puff of dust as he/she hits the ground. Mr./Mrs. Yellow has been assigned a duty that will save the world...

...to make people communicate with each other while in the guise of a Metropolis Maker!

At the beginning of Metropolismania you get a movie where The Man sits in his comfortable office chair and waves his hands up and down to take attention off of the fact that his lips don't move. The Man tells you that in these days computer technology has made people communicate less and less and you have to "save the world" by making them communicate. He also says the best way to do that is to build a metropolis. Next he will give you a cellphone and a piece of magic chalk(both well known and effective tools of The Man).

The game is very fun but with all games it has a bad side. When you start making a new town all you have is the magic chalk, a cellphone, phone book, processing papers, a yellow suit, and a huge field to start building. This game is similar to SimCity except you don't have to pay for roads, buildings, electricity, etc.. The only things that you would have to pay for are food and presents. In each stage of the game you have certain goals you must meet like get x amount of people into your town. Everyone in your town has a certain category they fall into. Like everyone that is a "Quiet boy" looks the same. The more you talk to these people the more friendly they get. Once you get their friendship meter to the status of a friend their number will be added into your phonebook. Sometimes when you are talking to someone the will start to make random comments like "I ate a carrot" or "I won't go out with you in that yellow suit". Later in the game talking to people can get very repetitive and boring. When you start wondering around for the first time in the game you find the jump button. The person jumps without moving a single muscle yet is able to clear the tops of 5 story buildings!

What really brought my attention to the game, when I was first debating wiether I should buy it or not, is it was developed by the same people that made Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon was a great game, this is not as great. This game has about the same graphics Harvest Moon 64 did on the Nintendo 64! Overall though the game is good and cost me only $15 USD.

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