An organism created by the connection of many organisms and systems. Metaorganisms create interesting debates because of their strange properties, and the fact they can disrupt our modern view of science and the world.

The Gaea Theory created by Dr. J.E. Lovelock is an example of a metaorganism. In the Gaea Theory, the Earth is a living organism, where all life is part of it.

A metaorganism creates countless philosophical questions.

  • Since we aren't in touch with Gaea (arguable if you're religious or meditate often), then wouldn't we be considered something else living on it, like a virus?
  • Would that make viruses (ex. AIDS) and prions (Mad Cow Disease) an immune system response from planet Earth?
  • Where does the consciousness exist in a metaorganism?
  • If a metaorganism is severed in two, what happens?
  • Can a metaorganism attain consciousness?
  • Can a metaorganism be composed of completely non-living parts? (think of a huge difference engine - a mechanical computer composed of cards)
  • If metaorganisms can be created from non-living parts, then what happens if a blueprint of the parts is created and then a new metaorganism is created from the blueprint?
  • Is everthing2 a metaorganism?

    Since the topic is so strange, you should understand a few other topics before attempting to figure this out. Here are a few...

  • Chaos Theory
  • AI
  • Neural Networks
  • Zen,meditation (helps you understand conciousness)
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