The Mil. A race of sentient robotic lifeforms originating from the planet Iron Star, an artificial planetoid created by the Morbots.
Originally created by General Corrosive, the Mil are a warlike race. They come in many varied forms, from the simple Grunt, to the mighty Titan.
Below is a short summary of each of the known "classes" of Mil. Their firepower, role, and general behavior.

The backbone of the Mil army, the Grunt is a simple bipedal bot, designed to be mass produced. They are able to be outfitted with a variety of small arms such as rifles and light rocket launchers, and advanced models often have Energy Shields. They are colour-coded based on their carried weapon.

Guards are, unlike their name implies, often in charge of squads of Grunts. wielding a large three-bladed battleaxe with a built-in energy shotgun blaster, this mobile troop is much more dangerous than Grunts, possessing jump-jets and tougher armor, in so far as it actually HAS armor.

Looking vaguely like a miniature tank, with a camera in place of a turret, these small Mil are often deployed first in an assault, scanning the area and reporting back. They are also used as sentries. Upon spotting an intruder, they will kick their motors into overdrive and speed to the nearest alarm, before engaging their self-destruct and acting as a kamikaze bomb, charging their foe. They otherwise have no other weaponry.

Extremely nimble airborne constructs, able to sprint at high speeds on the ground, and fly using built-in jet-packs. Armed with a pair of explosive plasma blasters and sword-sized wrist blades, their preferred method of combat is to fire down upon foes from the sky to injure and disorient them, following up the barrage with a flying tackle and swift flurry of blades. They have a crucial weakness in their lack of armor, as the extra weight would be detrimental.

the airborne equivalent to the Scout, Leeches act as drones of sorts. Their only method of attack is their three spindly legs, which have sharp spikes at their end. They are often deployed in extremely rough terrain, to either fly over it, or to use their legs to crawl across it.

The first of the Mil's dedicated airborne troops, the Snarq is an agile "fighter" of sorts, kept aloft with powerful engines and armed with twin light laser cannons. They are used to strafe areas ahead of the main battle formation.

The Snarq's big brother. thickly armored, with 4 massive laser cannons able to fire independently and with near full 360 degree aiming, an advanced targeting computer to fire at multiple targets at once with unerring accuracy, and a secondary fire that switches their lasers for explosive bolts of energy. Predators are a force to be reckoned with.

Essentially a Mil Super-Soldier, the Titan is their ultimate troop. With 2 arm-mounted rotary miniguns, a shoulder-mounted Rocket Launcher, and extremely thick armor, combined with top-of-the-line AI and a complete lack of empathy and fear, Titans are not something one fights alone.

Not deployed often in the field, the Scientist is nevertheless able to defend itself. With stunning energy projections and the ability to repair other Mil, these intimidating-looking Mil are not something to be taken lightly.

Whilst not technically a Mil, ZombieBots originate from Iron Star, the Mil homeworld. They are regularly captured by the Mil and used as weapons by them, due to their highly aggressive nature. ZombieBots are made from reconstituted scrap and junk, and seem very shoddily put together. This, however, works to their advantage, as any parts that flake off are quickly either magnetized and reattached, or replaced. Their arms are polar opposites, with one feeble grasping claw built into their chest, and one giant set of three claws on their right arm. These claws are razor sharp and incredibly hard, tearing up anything that gets too close. And even if you somehow manage to kill one, it will just get back up unless you break their component pieces into either dust, or melt them down with extreme sustained heat or acid.

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