The sequel of Lords of the Realm keeps some of the gameplay of the first one, while adding some of its own. In Lords of the Realm 2 you fight aginst several other lords for the crown of England. Lords of the Realm 2 (or LoR2, as its known) is a turn-based strategy game, until you get into a battle, then it is a real-time battle. The turn-based part is on an epic level, where you control armies, and start battles or sieges, or control your various shires. You can lose shires to enimies or to revolts from mishandling. You must keep shires happy by providing a well balanced economy, peace, and beer, of course taking huge amounts of people to create an army doesn't increase your popularity. You can also handle diplomatic things too, mabye send a "gift" to another lord, or how about a letter you can write, there are several letters, an insulting letter, or a gratifying letter. You can also handle alilances. All the basic things in this kind of game. LoR2 has an add-on pack which is for more battles and such. Lor2 is a fun game, if you can find I suggest picking it up.

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