The pleasure and delight of knowledge and learning, it far surpasseth all other in nature.
Francis Bacon, Sun and Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury is exalted when it is in Aquarius. Mercury likes being in this sign more than any of the others. Aquarians tend towards being independent, neutral and unique, and they enjoy seeking out what is new and innovative. This suits Mercury's goal to learn and communicate in a balanced manner.

These people are observant and resourceful. They usually think in original ways. Abstract ideas, innovations in any field, humanitarian causes and psychology interest them deeply. Because they are so observant, and have excellent memories, academic pursuits should come easily to them. For some, however, they can get to be a little too scatter-brained to stay with one subject for long. People Mercury in Aquarius tend to be self-taught; organized educational structure usually bores them. Even though Aquarians, in general, do best in group settings, in school they are too busy socializing and organizing meetings to discuss humanitarian issues.

Despite their occassional appearance of being ditzy, even eccentric, these people are highly organized. They just prefer to do things their own way. To another person it would appear that nothing is getting done and everything is in utter chaos. The reality is everything is under control, but it only makes sense to the person with Mercury in Aquarius. They care very little for other people's opinion of them. They prefer to march to the beat of their own drum.

Open to any point of view and fascinated with all aspects of the human condition, these people make wonderful friends. Unless other aspects of their natal charts indicate otherwise, they don't make the best of lovers. They need independence, room to grow. They are honest, sometimes bluntly so, which can be a blessing and a curse. Given the freedom to explore the universe on their own, in their own way, they'll come back to with wonderful tales to tell. Don't try to tie them down, make them set a schedule, or force them into a routine. They will rebel and disappear.

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