A Canadian artist with copious amounts of talent. She's from the eastcoast, and has a few albums, including her most popular, "Adam's Rib", released in 1999, which happens to be excellent. It features such songs as the title track, and "Goliath", as well as "Cant' Take My Eyes Off You", about her television set, and a bunch of other cool songs. Her first album was a six song E.P. titled "Shakespearean Fish", released on Sony Music Canada, which is also her current label, and her second effort was "Waiting for the Tide".

She plays the violin very well, and has a great band behind her. Her instrumental abilities are pretty broad, she plays ukulele, and as she puts it, "pretty much anything with strings". You can hear bits and pieces of the music she listened to as a child, Pretenders, Beatles, Sting, in her own. She draws you in until you're completely lost in the sound of her voice. Melanie Doane has a unique sound, and amazing lyrics, which are all taken from her life experiences. Her styles include alternative/rock, folk, and singer/songwriter, perhaps a bit of pop in there somewhere.

Her album hit gold not very long ago here in Canada, but I'm unsure as to how much exposure she's had in the U.S.. good stuff, though.

It's sad how many great Canadian artists have so much trouble getting recognition outside of Canada.

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